Published Articles

Listed below are articles that I’ve written for other websites. They’re either guest posts or paid contributions for websites like Copyblogger, KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg, ProBlogger, and The Future Buzz. Enjoy!


Are You Losing Sales By Giving Customers Too Many Choices?
Shouldn’t more choices be a good thing? Can it really be possible to lose sales by giving customers too many choices? Read this post to find out. (KISSmetrics)

The Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing
Need an introduction to content marketing? Look no further. This is an in-depth post I wrote as a beginner’s guide to content marketing. (KISSmetrics) 

What Having a Unique Selling Proposition Really Means
A lot of people talk about how important unique selling propositions (USP) are, but often it’s difficult to figure out how to develop one. This post shows a really easy way to come up with a USP that will cause you to stand out from your competitors. (KISSmetrics)

7 Essential Elements of Effective Internet Marketing
Internet marketing may seem daunting, but there are certain techniques you can use to be more successful. This post will teach you how to effectively use these techniques. (Crazy Egg)

Three Simple Steps to Finding More Clients on Twitter
Social media is a waste of time, right? Wrong. Follow these three simple steps and you’ll learn how to find bona fide, money-paying clients through Twitter. (Copyblogger)

How to Use Accent Colors to Get More Actions on Your Website
Can accent colors get people to click through to learn more about buy now? The answer is yes. This post explains why and how. (Crazy Egg)

The Simple Way to Design a Legendary Logo
Would you like to learn a simple way to design a legendary logo? Look no further. Read this post to find out how. (Crazy Egg)

Does Good Web Design Really Matter?
Yes, yes it does. Poor web design kills a website’s credibility. This post discusses a study that proves this scientifically. (Crazy Egg)

Insights on KISSinsights: An Interview Revealing an Online Business Game Changer
This is an interview I did with Sean Work from KISSmetrics. Read it to learn about the game-changing ways you can use the KISSinsights tool to learn more about your customers and improve your products. (KISSinsights)

How to Use Wufoo Forms to Capture Glowing Customer Testimonials
Need to capture some customer testimonials? Read this post to learn how you can easily and effectively capture them with a free Wufoo account.  (Crazy Egg)


Three Priceless Innovation Lessons You Can Learn from Google
Google is incredible when it comes to innovation. This post encapsulates three innovation lessons that I’ve learned from observing Google. (The Future Buzz)

Freelance Writing

How One Blogger Landed His First Paid Blogging Gig – For $100 Per Post
This is a post I wrote for freelance writers about how to land paid blogging gigs for $100+ per post. If you’d like to make some money writing blog articles, this is the post for you. (Make a Living Writing)


7 Valuable Lessons Bloggers Can Learn from Construction Workers
You’ll be surprised what bloggers can learn from construction workers. Read this post to learn more.  (ProBlogger)

Don’t Let Your Blog Get Caught with Its Pants Down
As soon as possible, it’s important to set up a blog so you can benefit from a spike in traffic. This post tells the story of what can happen if you don’t. (ProBlogger) 

Is It Time to Hit the Reset Button on Your Blog?
Most bloggers don’t become well known for their first blog. Instead, many have to hit the reset button and start over. This post will teach you when it’s time to hit the reset button. (ProBlogger)

Ten Ridiculously Good Looking WordPress Themes
Need a blog theme? This post lists 10 ridiculously good looking (and effective) blog themes that will take  your site to the next level. (Crazy Egg)

6 Pro Tweaks to Get More E-mail Subscribers
E-mail subscribers are the life blood of any popular blog. Read this post to learn six easy ways to capture more e-mail subscribers. (Crazy Egg)